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Science Center naturalist showing Great Horned Owl to group.

Live Animal Outreach Programs

Virtually Wild Programs:

Unable to bring groups together at your facility? Bring our live animal outreach programs to your group in the comfort of their own homes. Our Virtual Live Animal Outreach programs are 45 minutes in length, taught by our expert Naturalists, and feature two live animal ambassadors.

How does a Virtual Outreach Program work?

  • Science Center Naturalists connect securely to program participants via Zoom. This platform allows us to incorporate a lot of interactivity into the program and provide a more personal experience for program participants.
  • We utilize all recommended security features for Zoom meetings. During the program, participants will not be able to unmute themselves or screen share, and comments in the chat will not be visible by other program participants.
  • Live animals are right in front of the camera, giving program participants a closer look than they may get at an in-person program.
  • The host organization will need to have participants register in advance of the program. The maximum number of participants (logins) is 100, but participants will have a much better experience with a group size of 40 or fewer so that we can include as much interactivity during the program as possible. If you have more than 40 interested families, we suggest you schedule multiple programs.
  • We will send you the Zoom link via email. You provide the link to registered families directly. We ask that you do this the day of the program. Do not post the link on a publicly visible website.


  • $150 per program
  • $25 discount per program when scheduling two or more programs for the same organization.

Use the Virtual Outreach Form button below to request your program.

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2020 Library Summer Reading Program - Imagine Your Story

Stories on the Wild Side
Reading and science come together in this fun program blending storytelling with up close encounters with three live, native, New Hampshire wild animals. Animal characters in stories are often very different from real animals, but we can still learn important truths about animals through stories. A naturalist will read aloud short stories featuring animals and the natural world, and then introduce one or two of the story’s wild characters. Visits with live animals featured in the tales will challenge kids to separate fact from fiction.

Kids, Books and the Arts is an annual project done in conjunction with the New Hampshire Summer Reading Program. Public librarians bring children’s presenters to their communities to share their talents and to help promote the summer reading program.
Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is part of the 2020 Kids, Books and the Arts Roster from the New Hampshire State Library. Librarians are invited to apply for grants from the New Hampshire State Library to help fund the costs of bringing a Kids, Books and the Arts presenter during the summer reading program.

Programs for All Ages

Animal Sounds
Animals make sounds for a variety of reasons – to attract a mate, to defend their territory, to capture prey, or even to escape predators. Join a Squam Lakes Natural Science Center naturalist and three live animals native to New Hampshire to hear their sounds and discover the reasons behind them.

Animals with Bad Reputations
Can you think of any conflicts wildlife have with people? The public image of some animals is often inaccurate and can result in negative attitudes. A Squam Lakes Natural Science Center naturalist will introduce you to three live animals that have a bad “rep” and help you consider the good side of these wild neighbors.

Creatures of the Night
How do wild animals find food in the dark or escape predators? You don't have to stay up late to get a close look at elusive nocturnal creatures. Meet three live creatures of the night with a Squam Lakes Natural Science Center naturalist to learn surprising details of their adaptations, which make them well-suited for night life.

New Hampshire Wildlife
Are you curious about the critters that inhabit the Granite State? Join a Squam Lakes Natural Science Center naturalist to meet three wild animals that you could encounter in our forests, fields, or wetlands.  Discover what makes them well-suited for life in New Hampshire.

Owls of New Hampshire
Who calls in the night? Who glides on shadowy wings in silent flight? What makes owls such extraordinary night hunters? A Squam Lakes Natural Science Center naturalist will introduce you to three of our state's owls to help you find out what is myth or fact about these amazing nocturnal birds.

Why Do Animals Do That?
Why do animals throw up when they're not sick? Why do they gnaw on wood if they don't eat it? With a Squam Lakes Natural Science Center naturalist and three live animal ambassadors we'll explore some of wildlife’s unusual behaviors and reveal the benefits of these peculiar habits.

Wildlife in Motion
Animal movements are specialized for where creatures live – fish swim, birds fly. How they move and precisely why are more of a mystery. Join a naturalist and three live animals from Squam Lakes Natural Science Center to learn about New Hampshire wildlife and how movement helps wild animals survive in their natural habitats.

The Truth about Bats For Adults
Bats have been surrounded by myths for years. It is time to learn the truth!  A Squam Lakes Natural Science Center naturalist will share the many amazing features of bats such as echolocation, flight, and feeding habits. Learn about White Nose Syndrome, the disease now devastating native bats, and what it means for their future. Meet live bats and be inspired to help protect these misunderstood creatures as we explore the unique roles these nocturnal mammals play in our world.

Looking for something else?
We can customize programs to meet your needs.

Senior Centers, Skilled Nursing, and Assisted Living Facilities

Thanks to a generous anonymous donor, Squam Lakes Natural Science Center will bring the New Hampshire Wildlife program to your senior center or assisted living facility free of charge. New Hampshire Wildlife is available from November through April for locations within a two-hour drive of Holderness. Each location may request one program per year and programs are subject to availability. Please select the Request Information button above to learn more.

Program Rates
  • $325 - one program reserved
  • $300 - 2 to 6 programs reserved
  • $275 - 7 or more programs reserved
  • $200 - Camp Members
  • Plus round trip travel fee based on IRS rate.
Non-profit Rates
  • $250 - one program reserved
  • $225 - 2 to 6 programs reserved
  • $200 - 7 or more programs reserved
  • $200 - Camp Members
  • Plus round trip travel fee based on IRS rate.
Materials to help you promote your event

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